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Criteria for Affiliate Membership in the Pharmacogenetics Research Network (PGRN)

The PGRN welcomes individuals, groups, or teams in pharmacogenetics, human genetics, or pharmacology and related fields to apply for affiliate membership.  Affiliate membership in the PGRN is a separate and distinct process from using PharmGKB.  All investigators are encouraged to deposit data into and retrieve data from PharmGKB at any time.

Benefits of Affiliate Membership

Affiliate members will be invited to participate in selected scientific network activities, for example, focused meetings to deal with current, cutting edge topics in pharmacogenetics.  This mechanism is a way for the pharmacogenetics/pharmacogenomics community to engage in a bi-directional dialogue with the PGRN membership.

Criteria for Affiliate Membership

  1. Participate in a multidisciplinary research environment or group;
  2. Have evidence of an established research program;
  3. Contribute to the network (e.g., depositing genotype/phenotype data into PharmGKB; submitting critical papers, and/or possibly pathways or VIP gene pages);
  4. Follow the precepts of the PGRN Mission Statement Link to external Web site.

Applicants agree to be re-evaluated every 2 years to see if conditions for affiliate membership are still being met.

Examples of Affiliates

The NHLBI Ancillary Studies in Pharmacogenetics Investigators

Process to apply for consideration for Affiliate Membership

Write a letter to the PGRN Coordinating Committee, describe how the four criteria above are met, and name the principal representative(s) and provide copies of the CV(s) in 3 page biosketch form.

Contact Rochelle M. Long, Ph.D. at

This policy is a pilot, and will be continued, in order to judge its effectiveness and mutual benefit to investigators with interests in pharmacogenetics.


This page last reviewed on August 19, 2011