ICE Access

The ICE Agreements of Cooperation in Communities to Enhance Safety and Security (ICE ACCESS) initiative was developed to promote the various programs or tools that ICE offers to assist state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies.

Under this initiative, ICE works closely with other law enforcement agencies to identify an agency’s specific needs or the local community’s unique concerns.

In developing an ICE ACCESS partnership agreement, ICE representatives will meet with the requesting agency to assess local needs and draft appropriate plans of action. Based upon these assessments, ICE and the requesting agency will determine which type of partnership is most beneficial and sustainable before entering into an official agreement.

For more information on the law enforcement programs offered under ICE ACCESS, contact your nearest ICE office or request an information packet online.

ICE ACCESS Support and Programs

Recent News

7/23/2010 Charleston, SC 26 law enforcement officers trained by ICE to enforce immigration law

5/12/2010 Charleston, SC 32 local and state law enforcement officers complete ICE immigration enforcement training

4/9/2010 Washington, DC 287(g): Get the Facts

4/8/2010 Charleston, SC 6 Charleston County Sheriff's deputies graduate following ICE 287(g) training

10/16/2009 Washington, DC ICE announces standardized 287(g) agreements with 67 state and local law enforcement partners

7/10/2009 Washington, DC Secretary Napolitano announces new agreement for state and local immigration enforcement partnerships and adds 11 new agreements

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