Law Enforcement Information Sharing Service

Law Enforcement Information Sharing Service

The Law Enforcement Information Sharing Service is a web-based data exchange platform, hosted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), that allows law enforcement agencies to rapidly share and access data related to criminal and national security investigations.

The automated service offers a more efficient system for requesting and sharing investigative information, helping investigators to more quickly identify patterns, connections and relationships between individuals and criminal organizations.

DHS law enforcement information is processed through the ICE Pattern Analysis and Information Collection System and includes information from subject records and closed cases concerning people, businesses, vehicles (including aircraft and seacraft), firearms and more.

The Law Enforcement Information Sharing Service currently provides federal, state, local, tribal and international law enforcement agency partners with access to more than 2.6 million subject records related to persons of interest, including suspects in child pornography, drug smuggling, immigration fraud, alien smuggling and a wide range of other cases.

The service is compliant with all existing privacy and security requirements for safeguarding personal information and user authentication and access.

Deployment of Law Enforcement Information Sharing Service

The service was developed as part of DHS' goal to expand collaboration and information-sharing with law enforcement partners. The service has been successfully deployed on a regional basis in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Arizona and Texas. In addition, the U.S. Department of Justice established connectivity to the service via the OneDOJ program.


  • Access to federal database information related to investigations and criminal records;
  • Secure web-based platform allows user access from virtually anywhere;
  • Faster than manual processes; and
  • Improved communication between law enforcement partners.