Membership consists of:

The Director, OHR, and the Director, OEODM, will serve as ex officio members. A staff member of the OHR will serve as Executive Secretary.



The NCC meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.



The NCC serves as an advisory body to the Director, NIH, or designee (Deputy Director, NIH), and is responsible for the following:

1. Review of IC requests requiring approval of the Director, NIH, or designee. Such requests are considered following review by the respective IC Standing Committee and endorsement by the IC Director, and include:


2. Policy and operational responsibility for the NIH Title 42 Pay Model, including:



In reviewing pay action requests and in monitoring IC pay activities, the NCC will apply the pay setting guidance contained in the Title 42 Pay Model. For ease of reference, this guidance is reprinted below:

"Pay under this model should be set at rates necessary to recognize the individual's scientific contributions as well as the duties, responsibilities and complexity of the position. Salaries should be set not on the basis of the scientist's professional credentials alone, or what he/she might command at other academic or private sector institutions, but rather at a rate that recognizes the nature of the scientist's NIH responsibilities and contributions. The following criteria should be considered where applicable in establishing the initial pay level and subsequent pay adjustments.

The factors that may be considered in assessing these criteria include: appropriate market data; recruitment difficulties; applicant's salary history; BSC reviews; outside letters of reference; salary equity among internal employees; publications and presentations; awards; reviewer functions; editorial board participation; and participation in professional organizations."

Further pay setting guidance is also contained in descriptions of specific pay Bands and Tiers in the Model.