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Behaviors and Attitudes - NHTSA studies behaviors and attitudes in highway safety, focusing on drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. We identify and measure behaviors involved in crashes or associated with injuries, and develop and refine countermeasures to deter unsafe behaviors and promote safe alternatives.

Latest Reports  

  • The Effect of Sight Distance Training on the Visual Scanning of Motorcycle Riders: A Preliminary Look  
    This study used eye tracker technology to monitor where motorcycle riders were looking as they rode over an open road course and a closed course. The purpose of the project was to determine if visual behavior differs between beginner riders who have received training on sight distance, beginner riders who have not received training, and experienced riders.
  • An Examination of Washington State's Vehicle Impoundment Law for Motorcycle Endorsements  
    In July 2007, Washington State modified its vehicle code to expressly allow law enforcement officers to impound motorcycles of motorcyclists operating without a proper motorcycle endorsement on their licenses. The objective for this study was to examine the effects of this law regarding implementation issues, rider and law enforcement awareness of the law, the degree to which the law is being enforced, whether endorsements and/or rider safety training increased, and the effect of the law on crashes.
  • Washington’s Target Zero Teams Project: Reduction in Fatalities During Year One (Research Note)  
    In November 2006, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) sponsored the Nighttime Emphasis Enforcement Team (NEET) pilot project in Snohomish County. The goal of the NEET pilot project was to reduce serious injuries and fatalities due to impaired driving through the deployment of a fully dedicated team of Washington State Patrol (WSP) troopers concentrating on nighttime enforcement of impaired driving. NEET troopers were not responsible for responding to calls for service.
Studies and Reports