HINTS Health Information National Trends Survey
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HINTS 4 Overview and Schedule

Planning and development for HINTS 4 is currently underway, with plans to administer the first of four data collection cycles over a three-year field period beginning in the fall of 2011. Given the very rapidly changing communication environment, this new, cycled approach for HINTS will allow greater flexibility and efficiency in instrument development and administration. The instruments for each cycle will include a core module of approximately 100 trended items, in addition to rotating and special emphasis modules to be implemented in only some of the cycles, increasing capacity of the HINTS instruments to include additional topics and measures. Data collection for HINTS 4 will include approximately 3,500 respondents in each cycle. For a preview of constructs and measures to be fielded in HINTS 4, visit HINTS-GEM at https://secure.mmgct.com/hints-gem/default.aspx.

Cycle 1:
Fielded October 2011 - January 2012
Cycle 2:
Fielded July - November 2012
Cycle 3:
Fielded April - July 2013
Cycle 4:
Fielded January - April 2014
HINTS 4 Cycle 1 Annotated Instrument
Public data release: August 15, 2012