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Consultation with Communities

NIGMS conducts an ongoing dialogue on ethical issues affecting communities.  These efforts were developed for the NIGMS-funded Human Genetic Cell Repository Link to external Web site.

  • NIH Welcomes Community Voices on Genetic Research
    October 31, 2000
    "Let's talk," said NIH to 57 representatives from communities all across America. More...

  • Report of the First Community Consultation on the Responsible Collection and Use of Samples for Genetic Research
    September 25, 2000
    Approximately 120 individuals participated in the consultation, half from a broad range of communities and populations and half from government. The participants shared their views and concerns about population- and community-based genetic research. More...

  • Report of the Workshop on Population-Based Samples for the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository
    July 20, 1999
    The scientific community considers the samples from the identified human populations currently in the NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository to be of substantial value and has asked that this collection be expanded to include samples from additional populations as well as a greater number of samples per population. Enlarging this collection raises scientific as well as ethical, legal, and social (ELSI) questions. More...

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