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Glue Grants (program ended 6/18/2010)

Purpose: The purpose of this initiative was to make resources available for scientists who were already funded at the time to form research teams to tackle complex problems of central importance to biomedical science and to the mission of NIGMS, but beyond the means of any one research group.

Note: In 2011, NIGMS decided not to reannounce the glue grant program. This action was taken after conducting both a process evaluation [PDF, 801 KB] and an outcomes assessment, and consideration by the National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council. These assessments were also discussed in several NIGMS Feedback Loop posts. NIGMS plans future consideration of alternate mechanisms for support of collaborative and integrative science.

For additional information about NIGMS glue grants, contact Dr. Michael Rogers at 301-594-3827.


See a list of previously funded glue grant consortia.


Read glue grant evaluation reports.

This page last reviewed on October 22, 2012