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NIGMS Glue Grant Program Interim Outcomes Assessment

Individual Grant-Specific Questions

The following questions are to be answered separately with respect to each of the individual glue grant projects. They are to be answered by the Assessment Panel members to reflect their determinations about the outcomes of each project based on the information provided to the panel and their knowledge of the field and of the broader scientific enterprise. This page serves as a review template. Five sets of answers are to be generated. Primary reviewers will be assigned who are knowledgeable of the field, plus additional reviewers who are not directly in the field.

Interim Outcomes Assessment

  1. Were the scientific goals and milestones of this glue grant sufficiently clearly stated that an outcome can be determined? If so, did they accomplish their goals and did they meet their milestones?
  2. Did this glue grant follow the criteria originally set forth for the funding mechanism? Did its success or failure follow from those criteria or did it evolve into a different path?
  3. Did this glue grant make major contributions that would not have been possible without this source of funding? Are there major discoveries, methodological/technological advances, research resources, data?
  4. How has the field changed and what has been the role of this glue grant? What have been the interactions between the glue grant recipients and the broader community?
  5. What is the legacy that you expect to persist beyond the end of the funded project period?

This page last reviewed on August 19, 2011