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NIGMS Glue Grant Program Interim Outcomes Assessment

Global Assessment Questions

The following are global questions about the glue grant program as a whole are to be answered by the glue grant outcomes assessment process and are to be posed to the assessment panel for their determination.

Interim Outcomes Assessment

  1. Did the NIGMS glue grant program as a whole produce scientific knowledge outcomes of a scope and impact commensurate with the investment?
  2. Did the NIGMS glue grant program as a whole support unique methods, technology or resource tool developments that would not otherwise have occurred or at least accelerate the development and use of new methods, technologies and resources?
  3. Did the NIGMS glue grant program broadly increase the level of collaboration, multi-disciplinary research, and/or in other ways stimulate the general evolution of research in the supported fields resulting in increases in research personnel, additional other support or other infrastructure?
  4. Did the NIGMS glue grant program create unique informational resources (data, databases, Web sites) that were of value to researchers outside of the funded projects and of lasting value?
  5. Did the NIGMS glue grants program lead to significant and lasting changes in the practice of either science or medicine?

Considerations for the Future of the Program

  1. Did the NIGMS glue grants individually achieve their stated goals? Did the NIGMS glue grants program as a whole achieve its stated goals?
  2. What were the most valuable aspects, components, and activities of the glue grants and could they be supported by other means?
  3. Would you recommend continuing the program as it is, discontinuing the program or modifying the program, and if so, how?
  4. How valuable are the Nature Gateways and Science portals developed by these projects to the fields and to the scientific community at large? Should additional such gateways be supported?  For how long?
  5. How valuable have the glue grant programs been for the training of the future scientific workforce and how could this aspect of the program be improved?

This page last reviewed on August 19, 2011