Title 38 - Physician and Dentist Pay

Title 38 - Physician and Dentist Pay (PDP) is a hybrid pay authority intended to recruit and retain highly qualified physicians and dentists by providing a mechanism to compensate them at levels comparable to private sector physicians and dentists within the same locality area. This Title 38 PDP pay authority establishes a 2-component system of pay for HHS physicians and dentists consisting of Title 5 General Schedule (GS) base pay and Title 38 market pay, and replaces the previous Title 38 - Physician Specialty Pay (PSP) system authorized for use at the NIH in 1993. The new Title 38 PDP system was effective January 8, 2006, and eliminates special pay agreements, obligated service requirements and special pay refund liability, and 15-year service and 8-year phase-in requirements for the computation of retirement benefits. At the NIH, physicians and dentists appointed under Title 5 are eligible if they spend at least 10% of their time providing direct patient-care services or services incident to patient-care services.

 Procedures for Submitting Title 38 Cases - Physician and Dentist Pay (PDP)


August 15, 2008

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