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Overview of BrIDGs Application

Successful applicants to the BrIDGs program receive access to NIH contractors who conduct preclinical studies for the development of new therapeutic agents at no cost to the investigator. In general, synthesis, formulation, pharmacokinetic and toxicology services in support of investigator-held Investigational New Drug applications to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are available. View the detailed application instructions and sample application form.

The BrIDGs program will be accepting new applications between December 1, 2012, and February 1, 2013. To access the BrIDGs solicitation, you must log in to the proposalCENTRAL application system and click on “Grant Opportunities.” Then search for “NIH – BrIDGs” and click “apply now.”


The second submission of an application originally submitted to BrIDGs, or NIH-RAID, before 2012, is considered a new application. The second submission of an application submitted to BrIDGs in 2012 or later is considered a resubmission and should follow the guidelines below.

Applicants may resubmit their application to BrIDGs one time. The resubmission should include an introduction of two pages or less that explains how the application has been modified and responds to the comments from the scientific reviews. Within the application, changes to the original document should be underlined, italicized or boldfaced. If the changes to the application are so extensive that most of the text would be highlighted, then please explain this in the introduction. Otherwise, the research description and appendices should follow the same guidelines as an original application. Resubmissions may only be submitted on published receipt dates.

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