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National Recovery Month

September is Recovery Month National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month 2013

Voices for Recovery

Video Voices











Sarah Nerad- Submitted 9/24/2012

Greg Williams - Submitted 9/17/2012

Michaela Fissel - Submitted 9/17/2012

Justin Riley - Submitted 9/17/2012

Devin Fox - Submitted 9/17/2012

James Mahowald - Submitted 9/17/2012

Ben - Submitted 5/23/2012

Keywords: teenage, alcohol, addiction

Glenn - Submitted 5/23/2012

Keywords: alcohol, marajuana

Hannah - Submitted 5/23/2012

Keywords: long-term recovery, addiction

Mike - Submitted 5/23/2012

Keywords: addiction

Vinnie - Submitted 5/23/2012

Keywords: addiction, pot, alcohol

Kristina - Submitted 5/23/2012

Keywords: addiction, recovery, eating disorder

Scott Jones- Submitted 12/16/2011

Wayne Van Wagner- Submitted 12/16/2011

Danielle Sylvestre- Submitted 12/6/2011

Paul Petit- Submitted 12/3/2011

Carol Burk- Submitted 12/2/2011

Sully D.- Submitted 11/29/2011

Benjamin Jones- Submitted 2008


Watch: Benjamin Jones, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Detroit
Download: WMV (1,422KB)

Debra Browning- Submitted 2008


Watch: Debra Browning, Pennsylvania Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Download: WMV (1,218KB)

Domingo Rodriguez- Submitted 2008


Watch: Domingo Rodriguez, Chicanos Por La Causa
Download: WMV (1,289KB)

J Crowley- Submitted 2008


Watch: James Crowley, Community Intervention
Download: WMV (2,256KB)

Robert Burhannan- Submitted 2008


Watch: Robert Burhannan, Pennsylvania Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Download: WMV (1,644KB)

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