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  • Yang, X, Moriarty C., Chakrabarty S., Turney A., and Levine, RS.  2010  Psychological Distress in a National Survey Population  Denver, CO  2010 138th American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
  • Backinger, C.L., Hurd, A., Augustson, E.M., Doran, K., & Fagan, P.  2009  Reaching and Framing Cessation Messages for Young Adult Smokers    Presented for the World Conference on Tobacco or Health
  • Davis K.L., Finney Rutten L.J.  2009  Do They Know What They Need to Know? Awareness and use of national cancer resources among those with a history of cancer  Carefree, AZ  American Association for Cancer Research: The Science of Cancer Health Disparities

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