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Other Statistical Software

Interval Censored Data Functions for S-PLUS

These functions fit nonparametric survival curves, plot them, and perform logrank or Wilcoxon type tests.

These are described in:

Fay MP. Comparing Several Score Tests for Interval Censored Data. Stat Med 1999;18:273-85. (Corr: 1999, Vol 19, p.2681).

The S-PLUS source code and instructions are available for download in two file formats:

These functions are the same as those submitted to the StatLibExternal Web Site Policy archive of software and extensions for the S (S-PLUS) language.

Conditional Logistic Regression with Sandwich Estimators

The Conditional Logistic Regression with Sandwich EstimatorsExternal Web Site Policy Web site contains PC executable files (and Fortran code) to perform analyses described in:

Fay MP, Graubard BI, Freedman LS, Midthune DN. Conditional logistic regression with sandwich estimators: application to a meta-analysis. Biometrics 1998;54:195-208.