Early Warning Reporting

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EWR SFTP Servers Changes

posted December 21, 2011

As part of the Early Warning Reporting (EWR) environment update, the SFTP servers were replaced with a new set of servers. This necessitates manufacturers to verify the NHTSA SFTP servers by accepting the new remote host key once for each SFTP server.

Using Winscp the manufacturers may see a message similar to one below to verify the new SFTP servers' host key. This would be only one time activity and the Manufacturers shall not see any changes with the functionality of the SFTP servers.

warning message

NOTE: No changes were made to the SFTP Server Doman Name Server (DNS) Addresses. Manufacturers may still access the Data and Field Report Servers at the following server addresses:

The following table lists the EWR submission time periods for Aggregate data, Death and Injury data, Field Reports, and Substantially Similar Vehicles for the most recent quarter.
Year Quarter Report Type Begin Date End Date Days
2012 4 Aggregate 1/1/2013 3/4/2013 63
Death and Injury 1/1/2013 3/4/2013 63
Field Reports 1/1/2013 3/18/2013 77
Substantially Similar Vehicles 8/1/2012 11/1/2012 92
Last updated December 21, 2012