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Drug and Gene Delivery Systems and Devices Program Area

Staff Contact

Steven Zullo, Ph.D.


The drug and gene delivery program supports the research and development of new and improved technologies for the controlled and targeted release of therapeutic agents. Areas of emphasis include: the development of new delivery vehicles such as nanoparticles and micellar systems; energy-assisted delivery using ultrasound, electroporation, etc.; and the integration of biosensing with controlled dosage delivery using BioMEMS and other emerging technologies.

Relevant Study Sections

Biomaterials and Biointerfaces (BMBI)
Bioengineering, Technology and Surgical Sciences (BTSS)
Gene and Drug Delivery Systems (GDD)
Gene Therapy and Inborn Errors (GTIE)
Instrumentation and Systems Development (ISD)

A complete listing of review groups and study sections can be found at the Center for Scientific Review (

Program staff recommend that principal investigators include a cover letter listing areas of scientific expertise needed to review the application and how the expertise should be balanced (please do not include names), or potential study section assignments. Questions may be directed to the program director mentioned above.

Last Updated On 10/12/2011