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Fellows Committee (FelCom)

FelCom LogoThe Fellows Committee (FelCom) is comprised of a basic and a clinical fellow representative from each institute of NIH. Felcom serves the NIH fellows community through the actions of eight subcommittees and fourteen committee liaisons. The eight subcommittees that comprise FelCom were created to focus on particular aspects of the advanced training experience at NIH and include Career Development, Distinguished Clinical Teacher Award (DCTA), Fellows Award for Research Excellence (FARE), Job Fair, Mentoring, Publicity, Social, and Web page.

FelCom members also serve as liaisons on NIH-wide and other national organizations, such as the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), to report the activities of these groups back to Felcom so that this information may be disseminated to the NIH fellows' community. Each individual institute representative maintains a listserv of the fellows within that institute so that they may disseminate the information collected by the FelCom committee as a whole. If you are an advanced trainee at NIH and not receiving these emails, please contact your institute's training director or scientific director and ask that you be added to the institute listserv. We also recommend you join Fellow-L (for more information, see the Communications tab on this website).

The officers of FelCom coordinate the activites of the individual subcommittees and liaisons. FelCom has two committee chair persons--a clinical co-chair and a basic cochair-- representing the clinical and postdoctoral training communities of NIH. The cochairs are elected by a quorum of full voting members of FelCom and alternate duties for chairing monthly committee meetings. FelCom has an administrative secretary and membership secretary that compile the minutes of each monthly meeting and post it to the web page, as well as keep track of the ever-evolving membership of the committee.