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HINTS Questions
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In general, I feel uncomfortable with health information that has a lot of numbers and statistics. CS03
In general, how easy or hard do you find it to understand medical statistics? CS02
When people tell you the chance of something happening do you prefer they use words or numbers? CS05
In general, I depend on numbers and statistics to help me make decisions about my health. CS04
Which of the following numbers represents the biggest risk of getting a disease? K03
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Published Articles Using HINTS Data

Lustria, M.L.A., Smith, S.A., Hinnant, C.C. 2011Exploring digital divides: An examination of eHealth technology use in health information seeking, communication and personal health information management in the USAHealth Informatics Journal  17 (3), pp. 224-243.

Manganello, J.A., Clayman, M.L. 2011The association of understanding of medical statistics with health information seeking and health provider interaction in a national sample of young adultsJournal of Health Communication  16 (SUPPL. 3), pp. 163-176

Ciampa PJ, Osborn CY, Peterson NB, Rothman RL 2010Patient numeracy, perceptions of provider communication, and colorectal cancer screening utilizationJournal of Health Communication  15:157–168

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