Sample Conditional Offer Letter for Tenure-Track or Tenure-Eligible Investigators

(may be modified for other intramural positions, such as Senior Clinician/Senior Scientist,
Staff Clinician/Staff Scientist, Clinical Fellow/Research Fellow,
by removing mention of DDIR approval if not required by policy and resources negotiations if not applicable)


Dear Dr. [Name],

The [IC] is pleased to conditionally offer you a position as a tenure-track (or tenure-eligible) Investigator in the [Laboratory/Branch] of the Division of Intramural Research (DIR), effective on a mutually acceptable date. Dr. Michael Gottesman, Deputy Director for Intramural Research (DDIR), NIH, has approved this conditional offer.

We will proceed to negotiate the specifics of the resources for your research program (e.g., space assignment, shared and core support facilities, clinical/epidemiological research support, administrative support, scientific positions, budget, etc.). For tenure, you must be recommended by the NIH Central Tenure Committee or the NIH Senior Biomedical Research Service Board. The final formal appointment notice will be provided to you through the DHHS/NIH Human Resources Office.

We are hopeful that this opportunity will be highly attractive to you, and we look forward to your joining the [IC] Intramural Program.



____________________________________ _________________________________

(Director, Division of Intramural Research) HR Assistant/Specialist

Telephone #:
Fax #:


Please check as appropriate, sign and return to HR Assistant above.

Conditionally Accept ____ Do Not Accept_____


Candidate Signature


Sept. 30, 2008