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Genetics Resources on the Web (GROW): Participating Organizations

Genetics Resources on the Web (GROW) was founded in the summer of 1999 by the National Human Genome Research Institute, with financial collaboration from the Office of Rare Diseases at the National Institute of Health.  GROW seeks to provide an effective forum that encourages communication and collaboration among individuals interested in Web-based provision of high-quality information about human genetics, especially those aspects of human genetics dealing with health, to health professionals and the public.  The following is a list of participating organizations in GROW published in the September/October 2000 edition of Genetics in Medicine:

bullet American College of Medical Genetics
bullet American Society for Human Genetics
bullet Celera
bullet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention.
bullet Children's Hospital of Cincinnati Genetics Program for Nursing Faculty.
bullet Department of Energy
bullet Foundation for Genetic Education and Counseling
bullet Foundation for Genetic Medicine, Incorporated
bullet GeneTests GeneClinics
bullet GeneSage
bullet Genetic Alliance
bullet Genetic Health
bullet Genetics in Medicine
bullet Health Resources and Services Administration
bullet Infogenetics
bullet International Society of Nurses in Genetics
bullet Kansas University Medical Center
bullet March of Dimes
bullet National Cancer Institute
v National Center for Biotechnology Information
bullet National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics
bullet National Human Genome Research Institute
bullet National Institutes of Health, Office of the Director
bullet National Institutes of Health, Office of Extramural Research
bullet National Organization for Rare Disorders
bullet National Society for Genetic Counselors
bullet Office of Rare Diseases
bullet Online Medelian Inheritance in Man
bullet Orchid BioSciences.
bullet Pew Charitable Trusts
bullet Pharmaceuticals Research & Manufacturers of America
bullet Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
bullet U.S. Pharmacopeia


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