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Tools for Researchers

Kathleen Schmainda, Ph.D., professor of radiology and biophysics, utilizes MRI methods capable of measuring the micromolecular movement of tissue water (i.e., diffusion) to demonstrate the potential to track tumor progression and, possibly, invasion. She is seen mentoring Melissa Wagner Schuman, graduate student in the Medical Scientist Training Program. Inset -- Diffusion Tensor Imaging, MRI of white matter tracts. (Mark Dersen Photo)

NCATS-supported programs and projects have produced numerous tools to help basic and clinical researchers advance translational science. These resources include Clinical Research Tools and Resources to aid in such activities as patient recruitment, clinical study management, and public-private partnership development as well as Pre-Clinical Research Tools and Resources to help researchers explore the functions of cells at the genome level, including more than 60 chemical probes.

The tools highlighted in this section are open-source and freely available to the scientific community. In addition, the NCATS Division of Pre-Clinical Innovation has filed patent applications on several technologies that are available for licensing. Use the CTSA-Intellectual Property tool to view patent and licensed technologies from institutions supported by the NCATS Division of Clinical Innovation’s Clinical and Translational Science Awards program.

If you are an NCATS-supported organization or researcher that has developed a resource or tool that would be a valuable addition to our website for use by the community, please contact us.

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