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National Wellness
Week 2012

September 17–23

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Department of Health and Human Services

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration Center for Mental Health Services

Last Updated: 9/15/2011

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Wellness Community Activation Kit

The Wellness Initiative has developed a Community Activation Kit to help organizations host Wellness Week activities and events and to support promotional efforts of National Wellness Week. These materials allow individuals and organizations to promote the Wellness Initiative through news, digital media, and partner channels. All components of the Community Activation Kit are available online and are downloadable.

Join the Wellness Movement

Join the Wellness Movement: A Guide on Community Activation

This 8-page guide on community activation provides background information on the Wellness Initiative, along with information on how to build Wellness partnerships and promote Wellness year-round.

Bringing Wellness To...

Bringing Wellness To….A 25-Slide PowerPoint Presentation

The “Bringing Wellness To…” is a 25-slide PowerPoint template that organizations, behavioral health care providers, and primary care providers can use to educate consumer/survivor/peer audiences about wellness and the need to incorporate at least one dimension of wellness as part of their recovery.

Peer Recovery Fact Sheet

A Wellness Fact Sheet for Peers and Persons in Recovery

This fact sheet will promote the Wellness Initiative and help build an understanding among non-medical audiences (i.e., consumers/survivors/peers, and family/friends) that wellness is an essential part of recovery and leads to overall health—both physical and mental.

Providers Recovery Fact Sheet

A Wellness Fact Sheet for Providers and Organizations

This fact sheet seeks to build an understanding among influencers (i.e., consumer-led organizations, community-based organizations, behavioral health care providers, primary care providers) about their role in improving life expectancy for people with mental and substance use disorders.

Wellness Week Fact Sheet

A National Wellness Week General Fact Sheet

This National Wellness Week fact sheet seeks to build support among local consumer/survivor/peer organizations, health care providers, and community-based partners so that they can launch their support for people with mental and substance use disorders during National Wellness Week.

Wellness Week PSA

National Wellness Week PSA

This print ad focuses on National Wellness Week and leaves blank space for adding promotional community event details.

Eight Dimensions of Wellness PSA

Eight Dimensions of Wellness PSA

This print ad focuses on aspects of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness for year-round placement.

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