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Vehicle Crash Test Database  

The NHTSA Vehicle Crash Test Database contains engineering data measured during various types of research, the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), and compliance crash tests. Information in this database refers to the performance and response of vehicles and other structures in impacts. This database is not intended to support general consumer safety issues. For general consumer information please see the NHTSA's information on buying a safer car.

Biomechanics Test Database  

The NHTSA Biomechanics Test Database is a repository of experimental data used by NHTSA for developing Anthropomophic Test Devices and associated Injury Criteria. The data is disseminated via this website for use by academia, the automotive industry, and the public to improve the safety of automobiles and reduce death and injuries on our nations highway. Because of the nature of the testing, the applicability of the data extends far beyond auto safety, and may be useful for those in the sports medicine, space travel, aircraft, military or any activity where the human body is exposed impact.

Component Test Database  

The NHTSA Component Test Database contains engineering data measured during various types of research.

NVS Software Applications  

This is a collection of Microsoft Windows graphical applications for the analysis and processing of crash test data. Basic mathematical processing (filters, resampling) and injury criteria computations are included with a number of the packages. Source applications available for all of the applications, and binaries are provided for the Windows applications. Accompanying documentation outlines basic installation and usage, and details some of the data format and coding standards required by the applications.