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Study Collection Application Form

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Study Information

Create an acronym for your study. This acronym will be your reference for this study registration.
Please provide an estimated start date for this study (MM/YYYY).
Please provide an estimated end date for study specimen collections (MM/YYYY).
Please give an overview of the study and your proposed collection.

Contact Information

Please confirm that by registering this collection you agree to become the primary contact for this study.

NHLBI Program Information

Specimen Information

Please describe the biospecimen shipping schedule for which you plan to apply.

Collection Application

Describe the scientific importance and value of the proposed new study collection, addressing why the collection would be a valuable addition to existing collections. What makes it unique? Examples might include a rare study population, uncommon specimen types, special processing or preservation that permits certain specialized assays, etc.
Is there evidence of wider scientific interest in the proposed new study collection? Describe potential research areas and who would potentially be interested in having access to it.
How many study collection centers will be used?
Select the item that best describes the specimen processing facilities for this study.
Will this study use a data coordination center, a CRO or some other oversight group?
What is the target accrual for this study?
On average, how many study specimen collection visits are planned per participant?
Will a standard collection/processing protocol for storing and tracking be used across all study facilities? If yes, please attach document summarizing procedures below.
Please describe how consistency in specimen collection and processing will be achieved. Please summarize the procedure here and provide an attachment below detailing all procedures.
Is funding available for the shipping of biospecimens to the NHLBI Biorepository?