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Brief 6: Sun Safety: Perceptions and AwarenessDownload Brief in PDF Format
Cover image of Brief 6Only a minority of Americans regularly practice sun safety
May  2007
Published Articles Using HINTS Data

Andreeva, V.A., Cockburn, M.G., Yaroch, A.L., Unger, J.B., Rueda, R., Reynolds, K.D. 2011Preliminary evidence for mediation of the association between acculturation and sun-safe behaviorsArchives of Dermatology  147 (7), pp. 814-819.

Buller, D.B., Cokkinides, V., Hall, H.I., Hartman, A.M., Saraiya, M., Miller, E., Paddock, L., Glanz, K. 2011Prevalence of sunburn, sun protection, and indoor tanning behaviors among Americans: Review from national surveys and case studies of 3 statesJournal of the American Academy of Dermatology  65 (5 SUPPL. 1), pp. S114-S123.

Andreeva VA, Yaroch AL, Unger JB, Cockburn MG, Rueda R, Reynolds KD. 2010Moderated mediation regarding the sun-safe behaviors of U.S. Latinos: Advancing the theory and evidence for acculturation-focused research and interventions. J Immigr Minor Health  12(5):691–98

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