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Compared to the average person your age, would you say that you are more likely to get skin cancer, less likely, or about as likely? MM-02
How often do you worry about getting skin cancer? MM-03
What are some things that people can do to reduce their chances of getting skin cancer? MM-04
... There's not much you can do to lower your chances of getting skin cancer. MM-05a
... There are so many different recommendations about preventing skin cancer that it's hard to know which ones to follow. MM-05b
... Skin cancer develops over a period of several years. MM-05c
... Skin cancer is most often caused by a person's behavior or lifestyle. MM-05e
... It seems like almost everything causes skin cancer. MM-05f
What are the common symptoms of skin cancer? MM-06
Overall, how many people who develop skin cancer do you think survive at least 5 years? MM-07
... You are reluctant to get checked for skin cancer because you fear you may have it. MM-05h
... Getting checked regularly for skin cancer increases the chances of finding cancer when it's easy to treat. MM-05i
How likely do you think it is that you will develop skin cancer in the future? MM-01
... People with skin cancer would have pain or other symptoms prior to being diagnosed. MM-05l
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Brief 13: Americans Often Misunderstand the Extent to Which Colon, Skin, and Lung Cancers are Treatable and BeatableDownload Brief in PDF Format
Cover image of Brief 13"State-of-the-science" evidence in cancer refers to consensus among researchers and specialists regarding the most effective ways to prevent, screen for, and treat the disease, as well as rates of survival among those diagnosed.
Aug  2009
Brief 9: Confusion about Cancer Prevention: Association with behaviorDownload Brief in PDF Format
Cover image of Brief 9Because many cancers can be prevented through individual action and lifestyle (e.g., not smoking, eating a healthy diet, exercising, and wearing sunscreen), public understanding of cancer prevention is critical to cancer control.
Jan  2008
Published Articles Using HINTS Data

Buster, K.J., You, Z., Fouad, M., Elmets, C. 2011Skin cancer risk perceptions: A comparison across ethnicity, age, education, gender, and incomeJournal of the American Academy of Dermatology  Article in Press.

Kealey E, Berkman CS. 2010The relationship between health information sources and mental models of cancer: findings from the 2005 Health Information National Trends SurveyJournal of Health Communication  15: 1, 236–251

Zhao X. 2010Cancer information disparities between U.S.- and foreign-born populationsJournal of Health Communication  15:5–21

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