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Software Release Information (History)

Software Release Information from Ver 3.6.0 to current release

Version 3.5.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS/FAPIIS, released on Oct 17, 2010 Top

  • Auto Registration has been updated to include Civilian Agency FPDS records.
  • The reporting thresholds in Auto Registration have been revised to reflect changes in the Federal Acquisition Regulation and the DoD CPARS Guide.
  • Auto Registration has been updated to show the Contract Completion Date and the Available Date (date that the contract/order was added to Auto Registration).
  • Auto Registration has been updated to allow the registration of multiple contracts at the same time.
  • Auto Registration has been updated to allow the search of multiple Contract Office Codes at the same time.
  • The Senior Command Official Auto Register Report has been updated to show the Contract Completion Date and the Available Date (date that the contract/order was added to Auto Registration).
  • The Senior Command Official Auto Register Report has been updated to allow the search of multiple Contract Office Codes at the same time.
  • Users from the General Services Administration (GSA) can now enter a GSA schedule number without entering an order number.
  • The CPAR/Evaluation Due Date has been eliminated from the automatic email notification advising the Focal Point, Assessing Official, and Assessing Official Representative that the CPAR/Evaluation is due in order to reduce confusion.
  • FAPIIS has been revised to allow the entry of Administrative Agreements.
  • FAPIIS has been revised to allow the user to withdraw/rescind all record types.

Version 3.4.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS/FAPIIS, released on May 16, 2010 Top

  • Reviewing Officials now receive overdue emails for CPARs/evaluations in a finalized status.
  • The CPAR/Evaluation Status Report now defaults to run the List of CPARS/Evaluations.
  • The Contract Status Report now defaults to run the List of Contracts.
  • Spreadsheet download capability has been added to the Focal Point’s Auto Register Contracts screen.
  • Contract Number and Order Number lengths have been increased to 25 characters. The Create New User Access, Modify Existing User Access, and View Existing User Access screens have been modified to accommodate this change.
  • DoD Focal Points may now assign access and register orders against other agency (both DoD and non-DoD) contracts, provided those orders are under their own DODAAC, without contacting the Help Desk.
  • When a registered contract is deleted, there is now an option to indicate if that contract should reappear in Auto Register.
  • When a Focal Point tries to access or assign access to a contract owned by another Focal Point, they can now see the point of contact information for the Focal Point who owns the contract.
  • Monthly Metrics are now broken out by agency.

Version 3.3.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS/FAPIIS, released on March 21, 2010 Top

  • Deployed the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS). FAPIIS is used to collect contractor and grantee performance information including Terminations for Cause or Default, Defective Cost and Pricing Data, Determinations of Non-Responsibility, Terminations for Material Failure to Comply (grants) and Recipient Not Qualified Determinations (grants).
  • The ability to switch between modules without logging off has been added. Upon logging in, users will be asked to select the module they wish to work in, and once logged in can use the Switch Module button from the Main Menu to change to another module.
  • Alternate Focal Points can now run the Ratings Metrics Report.

Version 3.2.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS, released on June 20, 2009 Top

  • Password lengths have increased to 14 characters minimum.
  • Alternate Focal Points are now able to see the same list of existing contracts as the Primary Focal Points. Go to Access Authorization, Create New User Access and click on existing contracts dropdown.
  • System Administrators are now able to send a pop-up message to users currently logged on to any module. This would be used to alert users that the system must be re-started on short notice.
  • Contractor Reps will receive the "You do not have access to the CPAR or Evaluation" message when trying to Print/View an assessment or evaluation that is in-process, but not in the rated, reviewed or completed status.

Version 3.1.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS, released on Feb 15, 2009. Top

  • A tab has been added to document the prime contractor’s compliance with subcontracting goals.
  • A validation has been added to check that, every time a record is sent to the next level, someone has been assigned at that level.
  • Logon with User ID and PKI certificate has been enabled.
  • A column to show if a contract was registered within 30 days has been added to the Contract Status Report.
  • Assessing Official Representatives now receive the weekly emails that are sent to the Assessing Officials. The Focal Point has the ability to turn this function on and off.
  • The CAGE/DUNS is validated upon saving.
  • A validation that prohibits you from entering an Actual Completion Date that is before the Contract/Task Order Award Date has been added in the ACASS module.
  • The Modified Date field in the CPAR/Evaluation Status Report has been renamed to Update Date.
  • An additional help desk number has been provided on the account lock out message.
  • The appearance of the tabs has been modified to make them more distinct.
  • The original Assessing Official recommendation is retained when a CPAR is modified.
  • The Activity Log shows if a contractor has viewed/printed the CPAR/evaluation.
  • Contract Percent Complete has been removed from the CPARS module contract registration screen.
  • An Activity Log entry has been added to show when a user was removed from a contract.
  • An automatic email is sent when a record is drafted (created and saved) at the Assessing Official level.
  • For the ACASS/CCASS modules, overdue emails are provided for interim and amended evaluations based on the date that the evaluation was added to the system.
  • An email is sent when a Senior Command Official is provided with access to a new APM or access to an APM is deleted.
  • Non active Senior Contractor Representatives, Senior Command Officials, Focal Points, Alternate Focal Points, and Command Points of Contact receive quarterly emails to verify whether access is still needed.
  • Contractor’s concurrence is included when transferring ACASS/CCASS evaluations to PPIRS.
  • There is a link to the DoD CPARS Guide in the footer.
  • The online help for Contract Completion Date has been updated.
  • The email sent to the Contractor Representative when a CPAR/evaluation is due has been revised to provide clarification of the due date.
  • The html version of the CPAR form has been annotated "For Official Use Only (when filled in)."
  • The User Feedback Description has been revised to note the 1000 character limitation and to include a character counter.
  • The CPAR/Evaluation Status Report has been modified to indicate when the Notes have been used.
  • Notes have been added to the To Do List.
  • The Command Point of Contact can change the email address of Senior Command Official accounts.
  • The Contract Status Report has been updated to allow reporting on multiple DoDAACs at the same time.
  • The contract number and order number remain in the main menu upon return.
  • Status is a default column on the CPAR/Evaluation Status Report.
  • A prompt has been added during manual contract registration to clarify that the user must click on the appropriate DUNS number to proceed.
  • For the ACASS/CCASS modules, the signature blocks on the DD forms will be annotated, //Electronically Signed//, when the Assessing Official and Reviewing Official clicks on the Sign Now button.
  • For Focal Points:
    • The Modify User Access menu has been modified to reduce clicking.
    • Giving access at the basic contract level will no longer result in the user having access to all of the delivery orders under the contract. Access will have to be given for individual orders if access to orders is required.
    • When a record is archived, all access that has been granted for that contract is deleted. If the record is unarchived, the Focal Point will have to reassign users to the contract.
    • When transferring access to a new user, the user’s password no longer displays to the Focal Point.
    • Under Create New User Access, a drop down list of all the Focal Point’s contracts has been added.
  • Auto Registration:
    • The Senior Command Official has the ability to view the auto registration list of contracts/orders.
    • Auto register now includes a spreadsheet capability at the Focal Point
      and Senior Command Official levels
    • When a contract is auto registered, the Contracting Officer name is prepopulated if available.
    • USA will automatically be prepopulated in auto registration if a record comes over from FPDS-NG with a blank country code and a US state in the state code.
    • An Activity Log entry has been added to show when the FPDS-NG feed updates a contract registration record.
    • Dollar values for contract actions with multiple Contract Action Reports are aggregated in auto register.
    • Auto register has been updated to allow for removal of several contracts at the same time.
    • A note has been added to the auto registration screen to state that when a contract is removed from auto registration, the user must use the refresh option to see the change take effect.
    • Auto registration emails sent to focal points are now sent to alternate focal points.

Version 3.0.4 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS, released on June 23, 2008. Top

  • The Department of Defense warning banner has been updated.
  • Rules of Behavior have been added. Users will have to accept the Rules of Behavior on a yearly basis.
  • Contractor Representative accounts can now be used across different services. For instance, instead of having separate accounts for Air Force and Army contracts, a Contractor Representative can now have one account which provides access to all of their contracts regardless of service.
  • Automatic email notifications have been modified to provide better descriptions of an assessment's status in the workflow and of the actions required of the user.

Version 3.0.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS, released on January 22, 2008. Top

  • A larger font size has been implemented to make screens easier to read.
  • Some screen layouts have been re-designed for consistency and clarity.
  • There is no longer a Ship Repair and Overhaul form as it has been combined with the Systems form.
  • The CPARS DD forms for Services and Systems assessments have been removed. PDF views are still available for each, but are now similar to the HTML view. The ACASS and CCASS modules will continue to use their applicable DD forms.
  • There is a new sort feature provided with the CPAR/Evaluation Status Report and Contract Status Report. When viewing a list of CPARs, Evaluations, or Contracts just click on a column name (e.g. Contract Number) and the report will be resorted for you.
  • For Focal Points:
    • Ability to "Input a Completed CPAR/Evaluation" has been removed.
    • When creating users, the system will check the user's email address and will no longer create duplicate accounts if the email address is the same.
    • Improved process when modifying a user's access.

Version 2.2.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS, released on February 17, 2007. Top

  • More than 1 alternate focal point is now allowed (limited to 3).
  • Focal Points can now pre-populate contract registration via FPDS-NG Contract Awards data feed.
  • For Focal Points, when setting up the access matrix for new or existing users, an automatic email will be sent to user(s) providing USERID and instructions.
  • "Due" email notification will now be sent 30 days early as a prompt to start the CPAR/Evaluation.
  • For ACASS module, SF330 Par Wednesday, February 15, 2012 update in ORCA.
  • For ACASS/CCASS modules, add a report for Senior Command Official to retrieve evaluations by DoDAAC (including legacy records).
  • Gave access to Senior Contractor users to view contract information for in-process CPARs/Evaluations.
  • Added the action required to the weekly overdue notification email.
  • Added the "User List" and "Activity Log" to the Status report for Configuration Management Board and Senior Command Officials Access Levels.
  • Added password instructions to the change password screen.
  • "Sign Now" button added to all forms to pull the individual's profile information to pre-populate signature blocks.
  • Include the contract number in the subject line in addition to the body of the email for the workflow email notifications.
  • Added the Report type (such as: initial, intermediate, final etc...) in workflow email notifications.
  • For Focal Points, added "Return to Modify Screen" button on Access Authorization - Modify Access screen.
  • For ACASS/CCASS module, Contract Status Report - changed the "Last Completed Evaluation Date" to show the Reviewing Official's signature date vice the Assessing Official's date.
  • Added CPARS online help for block 10, "Percent Contract Complete" during contract registration.
  • Passwords requirements changed to be in compliance with internet security guidelines (DODI 8500.2, February 6, 2003).
  • Added a system generated weekly email to Focal Point when contracts are registered via new auto-registration feature, but no users have been assigned.
  • Added a system generates weekly email to Focal Point when Users are assigned to a contract but contract has not been registered.
  • Activity Log will now include an entry to indicate when the Contractor Representative first accesses the CPAR/evaluation.
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