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bullet NIH Ethics Program - The Ethics Page for NH employees has links to ethics resources, press releases, memoranda and testimony, and information about the NIH Blue Ribbon Panel on Conflict of Interest Policies. The site has links to Supplemental Standards of of Ethical Conduct and Financial Disclosure Requirements for Employees of the Department of Health and Human Services. in addition it links to a summary of NIH-specific provisions and a set of questions and answers about the Regulation for NIH employees.

bullet Conflict of Interest This  site defines financial and personal conflicts of interest for NIH employees.

bullet NIH Conflict of Interest site -  Includes policies governing conflict of interest for investigators and in peer review. The site links to the NIH Conflict of Interest Information page.  This page links to federal policies and reports, including the DHHS Objectivity in Research Regulations and the National Science Foundation's Investigator Financial Disclosure Policy. It also links to policy statements from scientific/professional organizations and to articles on conflict of interest.

bullet NIH Regulatory Burden: Financial Conflict of Interest: Work Group Report - A report  that establishes the requirement for NIH and NSF awardee institutions to have a conflict of interest policy and a process for managing conflicts o f interest.
bullet Financial Relationships and Interests in Research Involving Human Subjects: Guidance for Human Subject Protection -- Guidance for Institutional Review Boards, investigators, research institutions, and others. Issued May 12, 2004 by the Secretary of the DHHS.

bullet A Guide to Preventing Conflicts of Interest in Human Subjects Research at NIH (2005) - Policy directed at intramural researchers at NIH.

bullet Conflicts of Interest in Gene Transfer Research

bullet Journal policies on conflict of interest - Most scientific journals have policies governing conflicts of interest disclosure for authors and reviewers. The sample policy is from the federal journal Science and Practice Perspectives on Drug Abuse.

bullet Clinical Research Guide: National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute  (NHLBI) - Raises the need to avoid conflicts of interest for applicant investigators and links to policy on conflicts of interest in multicenter trials supported by NHLBI.

bullet Conflict of Interest in Peer Review: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases - Site outlines importance of staff, including consultants and special government employees, to avoid real and apparent conflicts of interest in peer review. This information is direction at NIH staff.

bullet Center for Disease Control and Prevention Community Planning Groups - Definition, recommended policy and points to cover in addressing conflicts of interest. The documents is directed at community planning groups for HIV prejvention but may be useful for other projects.

bullet Federal Conflict of Interest Statues (for federal employees) - These Statues cited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) govern all federal employees and special government employees.

bullet Conflict of Interest: Office of Research Integrity (ORI) - Site includes training modules from selected institutions, OHRP and NIH policies and reports on conflict of interest.

bullet Tutorial on conflict of interest: ORI

bullet Teaching the Responsible Conduct of Research: Conflict of Interest - Educational material that provides definition, policy, cases, examples, bibliographic references and other links about conflict on interest and responsible conduct of research.

bullet Bioethics for Clinicians: Conflict of Interest in Research, Education and Patient Care - This article by Lemmens and Singer defines conflict of interest and strategies for managing it, including disclosure, establishing a system for review and authorization or prohibition of the activites related to the conflict.

bullet Disclosing Conflicts of Interest to Research Subjects: An ethical and legal analysis (2004) - David Resnick argues that disclusure of conflicts of interests to research subjects is responsible ethical and legal conduct.

bullet U.S. Medical School Policies on Individual Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research: Results of an AAMC Survey (2004) -  Site provives access to a report, survey results and survey questions.  Results are that 95 percent of medical schools have policies in place on individual conflict of interest and human subjects research

bullet Ethical Issues in CME, Clinical Research- Discussion and case studies of issues involving conflict-of-interest, for example, gifts from pharmaceutical companies and recommending patients for clinical trials, from the May 2001 ACP-ASIM Observer.

bullet Update on JAMA’s Conflict of Interest Policy (2006) - Article specifies what is expected of authors. Site includes references.

bullet Conflict-of-Interest Policies for Investigators in Clinical Trials - The New England Journal of Medicine (6/13/2002).  

bullet Financial Associations of Authors - The New England Journal of Medicine’s policies on financial associations of authors.

bullet International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (2006) -  Manuscript submission requirements, including those on conflict of interest.

bullet Council of Science Editors (2006) - Policy statement on editor’s responsibilities for quality of content.

bullet Report on Individual and Institutional Financial Conflict of Interest- Issued by the Association of American Universities (2001).

bullet Protecting Patients, Preserving Integrity, Advancing Health: Accelerating the Implementation of COI Policies in Human Subjects Research - This report has been posted by the Association of American Universities (AAU) and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The joint guidelines call on all institutions to refine their COI policies within the next two years and to implement a reporting, evaluating, and management process.

Note: Most scientific and professional societies have codes of ethics that govern their members,  including policies on conflict of interest. Search for the society of interest. The same holds for journals. Search by journal and look for policies for submission of materials.


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