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bullet Neuroethics: University of Pennsylvania - This site provides basic information on facets of neuroethics, e.g. brain imaging, pharmacological enhancement of cognitive function, pharmacological enhancement of emotion, brain-machine interface and nonpharmacologic enhancement  and levels of consciousness. The site lists a bibliography for each subtopic as well as links to other sites.

bullet MIT World   (11/15/2004) - A video (1.75 hours) of a lecture by Drs. Steve Chorover and Mriganka Sur of the MIT Department of Cognitive Science.

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the Dana Foundation - Podcast lectures on brain research, including neuroethics.

Neuroethics and Law Blog - A forum for legal and ethical issues related to the brain and cognition. Covers memory dampening, cognitive enhancement and other topics. Includes references to books and articles by bloggers. Ediited by Adam Kolber of San Diego School of Law who publishes on ethical issues at the interface of law and medicine.

bullet Readings in Neuroethics - A bibliography that is part of a blog moderated by two Danish neuroscientists (Ramsey and Skov) on the consequences of  brain science advances.

bullet The Neuroethics Society - The society’s site lists events of interest.

bullet The President’s Council on Bioethics: Neuroethics Page - This site has transcripts of neuroethics related presentations and discussions and a staff working paper on the impact of neuroscience on criminal law.

bullet An interview with Jonathan Moreno about his book Mind Wars  (2006) - A podcast that preceded publication of Mind Wars, a book about military sponsored research on mind manipulation.

bullet Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics - A site sponsored by scholars interested in social liberty and freedom of thought. Their Issues page identifies neuroethics issues and defines them.

bullet Virtual Mentor: Ethics Journal of the American Medical Association (Theme Issue: Ethical Issues in Neurology) – a special issue of a 2004 journal with articles on neuroethics and ethical issues in clinical neurology.


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