intelligence The ICE Homeland Security Investigations Intelligence Office (HSI-Intel) is a robust intelligence force that supports the enforcement needs of ICE’s executive leadership and operational field units.

Cutting edge technology, complex intelligence gathering tools, multifaceted investigative techniques and a high level of professionalism have enabled HSI-Intel to set the standard for federal law enforcement/intelligence agencies.

HSI-Intel also serves as home to the National Incident Response Unit (NIRU). This unit ensures that ICE is prepared to respond to national emergencies or critical events, including natural disasters, disease pandemics and terrorist attacks. NIRU plans for ICE’s continuity of operations before, during and after catastrophic incidents. During these incidents, NIRU serves as the agency’s central communications “nerve center,” coordinating the sharing of information between ICE components and other federal, state and local agencies.


HSI-Intel collects, analyzes and shares strategic and tactical data for use by DHS and ICE leadership and operational units. It also supports federal, state, local, tribal and international law enforcement partners.

HSI-Intel’s analysis and targeting information plays a vital role in supporting investigations related to illegal immigration, terrorism, weapons proliferation, war crimes, financial crimes, trade fraud, drug smuggling, human smuggling and trafficking, child sex tourism and other criminal activities.


Assistant Director, Intelligence, James ChaparroJames Chaparro
Assistant Director Intelligence

James M. Chaparro is assistant director for Intelligence, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Washington, D.C.

Mr. Chaparro’s federal career spans more than two decades, including several leadership positions in federal law enforcement and DHS. Previously, Mr. Chaparro served as the deputy under secretary for operations in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis where he led numerous programs in the intelligence community for DHS. Mr. Chaparro has also served as the director of the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center, where he oversaw numerous programs to combat human smuggling, human trafficking and clandestine terrorist travel.

Mr. Chaparro has served as the special agent in charge of the ICE Denver field office where he managed 17 offices in four states. Additionally upon the creation of DHS, Mr. Chaparro was selected to serve as the interim director of Immigration Interior Enforcement for ICE. In that position, he oversaw the transition of ICE’s national immigration enforcement components, including the Immigration Investigations program.

Mr. Chaparro began his law enforcement career as a special agent with Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). He held many leadership roles there, including: deputy assistant commissioner for investigations, director of anti-smuggling, and assistant district director for investigations.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Chaparro has received many awards including an Exceptional Performance Award from the director of central intelligence, a Commendation for Invaluable Expertise and Assistance from the U.S. Attorney General, and the INS Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Interagency Law Enforcement.

Mr. Chaparro has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from California State University, Long Beach.


To report suspicious activity, call ICE toll-free at 1-866-DHS-2ICE.

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HSI-Intel works closely with other ICE components to develop, analyze and share critical intelligence on key investigative priorities, including the following: