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National Recovery Month

September is Recovery Month National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month 2013

2012 Toolkit

Targeted Outreach

This is the 2012 Recovery Month Toolkit, the 2013 toolkit will be available in early summer.

The Targeted Outreach section offers audience-specific information about the benefits of recovery, effectiveness of treatment, and tips to overcome challenges during the recovery process. The toolkit has top-line fact sheets with summarized information that highlights behavioral health trends and data within each target audience.

The toolkit includes two versions of each section outlined below: the in-depth versions offer comprehensive information, while the short versions provide a brief overview of the information included in the in-depth documents.

The Targeted Outreach features the following:

General Information

  • Overview: It's Worth It – This piece summarizes the current landscape of behavioral health issues and recovery in the United States among different audiences, including active military, veterans, and families; people within the justice system; friends and families of people in need; and the recovery community.

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  • Common Mental Health Problems and Misused Substances – This document contains key statistics about common mental health conditions and substances that are often misused, alternate names for each disorder or substance, signs and symptoms of a problem, adverse health effects, prevalence, and average age of onset (or age of first-time use of a substance). Organizations can use this information for their own Recovery Month activities and to educate members year-round.

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  • Treatment and Recovery: Why It's Worth It – This piece highlights the range of treatment options for mental and/or substance use disorders, the importance of addressing co-occurring disorders, and the benefits of recovery.

    See also: In-Depth Version of Article

  • Join the Voices for Recovery – This document presents a snapshot of individuals who are on the road to recovery after struggling with mental and/or substance use disorders. Some stories highlight people's work in the prevention, treatment, or recovery support field, or others who may be affected by mental and/or substance use disorders. This piece can be shared with others to provide strength and inspiration.

Audience-specific Outreach

  • Behavioral Health is Essential to Health
  • Prevention Works
  • Treatment is Effective
  • People Recover
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