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The status of your USCIS FOIA request is now available online, simply by entering in the space below the Control Number that was provided to you after receipt of your request (The Control Number will begin with the letters NRC, COW, etc.).

If your request is pending, the status will indicate the position of your request relative to all pending USCIS requests in the same processing track.

If your request has been processed and responded to within the past six months, you will be given the date your request was processed.

You may print the results of your status check by clicking the "Printer Friendly" link at the top of this page.

Status information is updated on a daily basis.

Current Average FOIA Request Processing Times

(All times in business days)


USCIS uses a three-track system to process FOIA requests for alien file material.

  • Track One (21 days):  Simple requests;


  • Track Two (28 days):  Complex inquiries that normally necessitate additional search and review time; and


  • Track Three (24 days):  Requests by individuals scheduled for a hearing before an immigration judge.


USCIS uses a two-track system to process FOIA requests for non-alien file material.

  • Track One (33 days)


  • Track Two (108 days):  Processing time impacted by sensitivity of records, volume of records and extent of review process.

Last updated: 01/28/2013

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