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Scientists Teaching Science (STS)

Being a successful science educator requires more than just standing in front of a class and lecturing on the topic of the day. A successful instructor's skill set must include an understanding of learning theory, curriculum design, assessment as applied to both student and instructor, and cognitive science and its shaping of teaching techniques. The OITE Scientists Teaching Science program offers NIH trainees both an introduction to best practices in science education and an extended, in-depth examination of pedagogy; or the art and science of teaching.

Scientists Teaching Science workshop

This 2-hour STS workshop provides graduate students and postdoctoral fellows considering careers in education, an introduction to the basics of learning styles, teaching philosophies, and course development. The subjects covered in this seminar-style presentation include writing a syllabus, common teaching methods and visual aids, self reflection, a brief introduction to Bloom's Taxonomy for learning objectives, and alternatives to lecturing.

Scientists Teaching Science Online pedagogy course

This 9-week online course examines, in more depth, the topics introduced in the 2-hour workshop, as well as exploring subjects such as inquiry-based science, curriculum development, classroom dynamics, cultural awareness and diversity, assessments of learning environments, active learning and expert learners. Approached from a cognitive science perspective this course encourages individual participation and emphasizes team learning, group discussion, and home-based investigation. The online course, open to all NIH graduate students and postdocs at the Bethesda main campus and at NIH remote campuses, utilizes an online learning platform similar to those used by universities for online learning at the undergraduate and graduate level. Participants who meet the assignment deadlines and successfully complete additional course requirements are awarded a certificate of training.

Registrations routinely open 3-4 weeks prior to the start of workshops and courses. Please click on the link in the right side bar for a schedule of upcoming STS workshops and courses.