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OAR Special Initiatives

OAR identifies scientific areas that require focused attention and manages and facilitates multi-Institute and trans-Institute activities to address those needs. OAR fosters this research through a number of mechanisms, such as designating funds and supplements to jump-start or pilot program areas and sponsoring reviews or evaluations of scientific programs. OAR, alone or in collaboration with an Institute(s), also frequently convenes scientific workshops, bringing together leading researchers from around the world to review the state of the science and recommend new cutting-edge initiatives. These initiatives may be in areas that require a new avenue for investigation or where new directions are necessary. The success of these initiatives is the expansion of the research portfolio in new, targeted areas. In addition, OAR utilizes meetings of the OAR Advisory Council to focus on critical scientific research areas identified in the planning process to highlight current trans-NIH efforts and seek recommendations on new avenues or mechanisms to move the science forward.

Examples include a prevention science initiative, focus on basic immunology, microbicide innovation program, programs to enhance research for racial and ethnic populations, U.S.-India research and training collaboration, and a number of other basic and clinical initiatives in the U.S. and around the world.

Working Groups

Several Working Groups advise the OAR and the NIH on specific aspects of the AIDS research agenda and special initiatives. They are composed of non-NIH experts and specialists selected based on their expertise and the needs of the group. These Working Groups include:

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