Native Nations

As part of the SBDD Program, the states and territories collect broadband availability data (including speeds offered and technologies used) from broadband providers offering service to federally recognized American Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Villages. As Native Nations, these sovereign governmental entities and their members inhabit their lands through several different types of land tenure including Reservations, Pueblos, Colonies, Villages, or other types of land holdings held in trust or trust-restricted by the federal government. In addition, Native Hawaiian communities and homesteads are on Hawaiian Home Lands.

The information provided below contains only that broadband availability data for the approximately 318 federal Indian Reservations and associated off-Reservation Trust Lands. We anticipate including information concerning the Native Nations and communities with different types of land tenures, for example those Native Nations in Alaska and Oklahoma, as well as Native communities on lands in Hawaii and elsewhere, in future development of this resource.

Demographic and boundary information was obtained from the US Census Bureau 2010 TIGER/Line files, American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian Area (2010). Federally recognized Native Nations are selected (using AIANNHCE10 codes 0010 - 4940) for use with the National Broadband Map. As such, the list of federal Indian Reservations appears by the abbreviated name of the federal Indian reservation and off-Reservation Trust Lands itself, not necessarily the name of the Native Nation. Click on the name of one reservation and off-reservation trust lands to view broadband availability for that area. To provide feedback about this information, please go to search results and enter an address from the Reservation/Trust lands.



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