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  • Baseline Submission Package:
    Document prepared by organization to be studied and submitted to USAMAA in advance, prior to any on-site visits. The baseline submission package is intended to be a comprehensive document that provides an executive overview of the mission and functions, organizational structure, workload, and manpower resources of a work center. It is the:
    • Foundation for the manpower study.
    • Reference point for data and manpower analysis.
    • Executive overview of the missions, functions, workload and associated resources by the work center(s).
    Guidelines To Prepare a Manpower Baseline Submission Package


  • Manpower and Organizational Studies Standard Operation Procedure (SOP):
    USAMAA SOP used in conducting studies.

    This document provides guidance to all USAMAA analysts when conducting traditional manpower and organizational document. it can also be used by manpower organizations throughout the Army (and DoD) to help conduct high- quality studies.


  • Manpower Model Development Methodology:
    This document provides a detailed explanation of the methodology that will enable the Army manpower analysis community to develop and apply powerful analytical modeling tools and techniques to traditional requirements problems and beyond.

    Manpower Model Development Methodology
  • Obtaining USAMAA Validation/Approval on Single-Point Studies:
    This document provides guidance to Army organizations and commands on how to obtain USAMAA validation/approval of single-point studies conducted by their manpower organization. It includes a discussion on how to properly conduct studies, when to get USAMAA involvement during the study to help expedite the validation/approval process, and the study documents, referred to as the Study Validation Package, required for submission to USAMAA for their review. Additionally, the document includes product formats that are recommended for use by study teams.

    Guidelines for Obtaining Manpower Single-Point Study Validation/Approval
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