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About Intramural Research

The NIDCD Intramural Research Program conducts basic and clinical research in human communication, with a primary interest in hearing. Current research projects address areas such as:

  • The genetics of hearing and balance disorders in human and mouse models.
  • Identifying molecules and genes important for inner ear development.
  • Observing hearing in action by neuroimaging and computer modeling of brain function.
  • Describing how auditory nerve cells communicate.

This intense concentration on hearing research and its genetic causes has enabled NIDCD intramural scientists to make significant research progress on this priority for the NIDCD. In FY 2013, the NIDCD will prepare to consolidate most of its intramural research program from three different locations into the second phase of the Porter Neuroscience Research Center on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Md. This move, presently scheduled for early FY 2014, is crucial to improve sharing of scientific resources and to promote further collaborations between NIDCD scientists.

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