NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
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PEERx Partner Toolkit

NIDA Research Report about Prescription Drug AbuseHelp us spread the word about PEERx! With the materials we’ve assembled in the Partner Toolkit, you do not have to be a professional marketer to get results. On this page, you’ll find useful marketing tools, including statistics, a PowerPoint slide, Web badges, drop-in text for newsletters, and suggested posts for social media.

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Drop-in Articles:

Powerpoint Slide:

PEERx Partner Slides

This slide (PPT, 1.9MB) can be inserted into presentations about prescription drug abuse resources for teens, educators, mentors and community leaders.

Web Badges:

The following badges may be used on your Web site to link to the following PEERx resources:

Activity Guide – 150x150 and 235x235

PEERx Activity Guide Badge 150x150

PEERx Activity Guide Badge 235x235

Choose Your Path – 150x133 and 235x235

Choose Your Path Badge 150x133

Choose Your Path Badge 235x235

PEERx – 150x150 and 235x235

PEERx Badge 150x150

PEERx Badge 235x235


Social Media:

The following posts may be used on your organization’s Twitter account and Facebook page, respectively.