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NOTE: videos marked "NIH only" can only be viewed by NIH trainees and NIH staff who are logged into their OITE accounts.

New Videocasts from the 2012 NIH Graduate & Professional School Fair

MD/PhD: Is It Right for Me?
Applying to the NIH Postbac Program
Interviewing Basics



Improving Spoken English  (6/5/2009)

Written Communication Skills (NIH only)  (10/17/2008)

Scientific Writing from the Reader's Perspective (NIH only) (6/7/2008 and 6/8/2008)
Day 1
Day 2

Talking Science: Designing and Delivering Successful Oral Presentations (1/11/2013)

Creating and Presenting a Dynamic Poster (6/28/2010)

Communicating Science: Tools for Scientists and Engineers (12/15/2009)

Using LinkedIn Effectively: Seventh in the "How to" Series (4/30/2012)

Can We Talk? How Gender and Culture Affect Who Gets Heard, Who Gets Ahead, and What Gets Done at Work(Deborah Tannen  (NIH only) (4/19/2012)


Successfully Publishing a Scientific Paper (3/16/2009)

Mentoring Training Seminar: Summer Interns Are Coming: Are You Ready? (4/28/2010)

Double workshop: Tips for Mentoring a Summer Intern and Leading a Journal Club (5/1/2012)


Grant Writing 101 (1/18/2013)

Introduction to Grant Writing I: Demystifying the NIH Grant Review Process (6/29/2010)

Introduction to Grant Writing II: Strategies for Writing Effective Training and Research Plans (7/14/2010)

K99/R00 Grants (4/7/2009)

e-Submission of K Grants (1/16/2009)

NIH K99/R00 Grants (2/12/2008)

Job Search Series

This comprehensive series of four workshops was originally presented to Staff Scientists/Staff Clinicians at the NIH in 2011.  Read more detailed descriptions of the workshops and download the slides.

#1: Planning for Career Satisfaction & Success - Defining the Process

#2: CVs and ResumesL Essential Job Search Documents

#3: Expanding Your Career Networks

#4: Interviewing Skills


CVs and Resumes: Essential Job Search Documents (9/1/2009)

Networking! Networking! Networking! (4/9/2008)

Interviewing Etiquette and Skills (4/9/2008)

Getting the Most Out of a Job Fair (9/6/2007)

Career Counseling Workshop: Planning for Career Satisfaction and Success (6/12/2007)

Finding a Postdoc  (3/17/2009)

Using LinkedIn Effectively: Seventh in the "How to" Series (4/30/2012)


Top 10 List: Things Scientists Ask about Finding an Industry Job (11/28/2012)

Industry Careers Overview and Job Packages (1/24/2013)

An Overview of Careers in Industry for PhD Scientists (10/5/2009)

The Industry Job Search: Navigating the Application Process (12/7/2009)

Resumes and Cover Letters for Industry (11/18/2008)

Interviewing outside the Ivory Tower (12/2/2008)

Business Etiquette (NIH only) (3/25/2009)

Making the Transition to Industry (4/6/2010)


Academic Job Search Overview (9/14/2009)

Academic Job Interviews (11/2/2009)

How to Give an Effective Job Talk (6/30/2008)

Evaluating Positions and Negotiating Job Offers (2010) (1/14/2010)

Evaluating Positions and Negotiating Job Offers (2009) (1/13/2009)

Transitioning Successfully from Postdoc to Faculty (Making the Move to Academia; 3/16/10)


Non-bench Careers for Scientists at NIH (11/16/2009)

Careers in Biodefense (NIH Only) (3/13/2012)


ORIENTATION for New NIH Postbacs: Getting What You Came For! (9/9/2008)


Exploring Careers (11/20/2008)

The "How to" series:
Careers in Science Education and Outreach: A "How to" Workshop (11/23/10)
Careers in Regulatory Affairs: Second in the "How to" Series (11/23/10)
Careers in Tech Transfer: Third in the "How to " Series (2/16/11)
Careers in Science Policy: Fourth in the "How to" Series (2/16/11)
Careers in Global Health: Fifth in the "How to" Series (4/13/11)
Careers in Science Writing: Sixth in the "How to Series" (4/30/2012)
Using LinkedIn Effectively: Seventh in the "How to" Series (4/30/2012)
Careers in Grants Management: Eighth in the "How to" Series (6/5/12)
Careers in the Federal Government: Ninth in the "How to" Series (7/18/12)

Psychology: From Admissions to Career Opportunities (10/24/11)

Public Health from Admissions to Career Opportunities (7/8/2010)

Careers in Science Policy (11/13/2008)

Science Policy: Shaping the Role of Science in Society (10/9/2007)

Especially for Postbacs


Interviewing Basics (7/20/2012)

Applying to the NIH Postbac Program (7/20/2012)



Interviewing for Professional School (9/21/2009)

Advice from the Trenches: Getting to Professional School (6/30/2009)

MD/PhD: Is It for You? (7/20/2012)

Applying to Medical School (1/18/2011)

Writing Personal Statements for Professional School (3-29-12; NOTE that you may need to click on "CC" to make the closed captioning visible.)

Preparing for the MCAT (12/7/2010)

Medical School Application Schedule for Admission in August 2014 (handout)


Getting to Graduate School (from the 2010 Graduate & Professional School Fair) (7/8/2010)

Preparing for the GRE - featuring the NEW computer-based GRE (9/5/2012)

Choosing and Applying to Graduate School (9/23/2010)

Writing Personal Statements for Graduate School (10/5/2010)

Interviewing for Graduate School (12/13/2010)

Writing a Research Proposal (for your dissertation)


The Big Picture: Thoughts on the Future of Science (1/13/2009)

2008 Career Symposium Keynote: Dr. Peter Fiske (4/9/2008)

NIH Academy Short Course, Part I, (9/18/2012) The NIH Academy Short Course provides a fundamental understanding of the definition and measurement of health disparities as well as the causes and determinants of these disparities. 

Special Event

2010 Community College Day