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Contact Information for Current Trainees

Graduate & Professional School Fair Debbie Cohen
Graduate School Applications Pat Wagner
International Postdoctoral Programs at the NIH Pat Sokolove
Intramural Loan Repayment Pat Cole
Language Programs for Foreign Fellows Julie Gold
Mentoring Issues Sharon Milgram, Pat Sokolove
National Graduate Student Research Festival Pat Sokolove
NIH Academy Yolanda Mock Hawkins
NIH Postdoctoral Programs Lori Conlan, Shawn Mullen
NRC Research Associates Program Pat Sokolove
OITE Career Library Elaine Johnson
OITE Career Services Questions Lori Conlan
OITE Listservs: for information Pat Wagner
OITE Listservs: to sign up Online Form
OITE Orientations Phil Wang
OITE Speaking Programs Shawn Mullen
OITE Summer Journal Clubs Erika Barr
OITE Teaching Programs Shawn Mullen
OITE Videoconferencing Resources Shawn Mullen
OITE Web Site (content issues) Pat Sokolove
OITE Web Site (technical issues) Steve Alves
OITE Writing Courses Shawn Mullen
Personal Statements for Graduate School Pat Sokolove
Postbac Committee Debbie Cohen
Postbac IRTA/CRTA Programs Debbie Cohen
Postbac Poster Day Debbie Cohen
Summer Internship Program (SIP) Debbie Cohen
Summer Intern Journal Clubs Erika Barr
Summer Poster Day Debbie Cohen
UGSP Payback Students Lizette Hutchins
UGSP Scholarships, Appointment Paperwork Adrian Warren