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U.S.  Department of Health & Human Services Activities

The HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan is a blueprint for pandemic influenza preparation and response. It provides guidance to national, state, and local policy makers and health departments. The HHS Plan includes an overview of the threat of pandemic influenza, a description of the relationship of this document to other Federal plans and an outline of key roles and responsibilities during a pandemic. In addition, it specifies needs and opportunities to build robust preparedness for and response to pandemic influenza.The HHS Plan has two parts. Part 1, the HHS Strategic Plan, outlines federal plans and preparation for public health and medical support in the event of a pandemic. It identifies key roles of HHS and its agencies in a pandemic and provides planning assumptions for federal, state and local governments and public health operations plans. Part 2, Public Health Guidance for State and Local Partners, provides detailed guidance to state and local health departments in 11 key areas.

Other Federal Agency Activities