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Meet Kristi Kitty

Hi, I’m Kristi Kitty, and I’m 3! I live with my mommy and we have a pet kitty. My mommy and I like to plant flowers together and put together puzzles.

My mommy has to go to work most days. Wally Bear’s sister Wendy comes over after school to babysit me until my mommy gets home. Sometimes, we have my favorite snack—ginger snaps with milk!

I really like to roller skate. I’m smaller than most of my friends, so when we’re at Friendship Park, I don’t want to get left behind! I can go much faster by roller skating, and I don’t always have to say “Wait for me!” I can even almost keep up with Sandy! Do you roller skate? Ride a bike? A scooter? How do you get from place to place?

My mommy teaches me lots of songs. My favorite song to sing is “The Lion and the Mouse”.

Kristi roller skating

Do you know any songs? What do you like to sing? Maybe your mommy or daddy can help you e-mail me and tell me!

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Updated on 3/21/2012