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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

CBP combats intellectual property rights (IPR) theft, which threatens our economic vitality, the health and safety of our consumers, and our national security. CBP meets these threats head-on with an aggressive IPR strategy built on three pillars—facilitate, enforce, deter. This strategy is supported by modernized laws, technology and processes; partnerships with the private sector, other agencies, and foreign governments; and investments in human capital, outreach and technology. CBP’s strategy operates throughout the international trade process – pre-entry, entry, and post-entry - to achieve its vision for an effective IPR enforcement process. Legitimate cargo is released without delay, infringing goods are intercepted and violators are deterred. As part of its collaborative efforts with other federal agencies, CBP is a partner at the National IPR Coordination Center. CBP supplies more referrals to ICE HSI for criminal investigation than any other agency. CBP also participates in multi-agency operations that target counterfeit and pirated goods.

News Releases

These are the news releases related to Intellectual Property Rights and Customs and Border Protection

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