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Career Journeys of Minority Investigators, LifeWorks Careers, LifeWorks Interviews

LifeWorks Career Exploration - A interactive career exploration web site for middle and high school students. Users can browse for information on more than 100 medical science and health careers by title, education required, interest area, or median salary. (Office of Science Education)
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Career Journeys of Minority Investigators--Profiles of Cancer Researchers - Profiles and interviews of minority cancer researchers and students at different stages of their educations and careers. Select a researcher to read his or her career journey, from the earliest stages in high school to becoming an independent investigator. (National Cancer Institute)
Genomic Careers Resource - An interactive web site where students can view interactive videos and career profiles, take the Genomic Careers Challenge to test their knowlege of genomics careers, login to the Genomics Career Tracker, and find links to helpful genomics resources. (National Human Genome Research Institute)
Women Are Scientists - A series of FREE video presentations that showcases successful female scientists in their respective specialties, and informs students about educational requirements, rewards, and challenges of careers in the biomedical sciences. Each video presentation gives a detailed view of three women scientists, from various backgrounds, as role models for their particular career. This series is designed to motivate students to take more challenging advanced science and math courses and to enable them to successfully direct their own career paths. (Office of Research on Womens Health and Office of Science Education)
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LifeWorks E-mentoring - An e-mentoring program that helps high school students who are interested in behavioral and social science, biomedical science, and healthcare careers find a mentor. Mentors are carefully screened science, healthcare, and education professionals who volunteer to provide information, guidance, and support as students develop their careers. (Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research and Office of Science Education)
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Findings - Learn about scientists doing cutting-edge biology and chemistry research. (National Institute of General Medical Sciences)
Changing the Face of Medicine (Exhibit) - Discover the many ways that women have influenced and enhanced the practice of medicine. The individuals featured here provide an intriguing glimpse of the broader community of women doctors who are making a difference. The National Library of Medicine is pleased to present this exhibition honoring the lives and accomplishments of these women in the hope of inspiring a new generation of medical pioneers. (National Library of Medicine)
Wish-Net - Women in Science and Healthcare Network (WISH-net) seeks to inspire, mentor, and connect girls and women of all ages in the sciences and/or healthcare. Throughout the site, WISH-net provides mentoring resources aimed at stimulating and sustaining interest in scientific careers for school-age girls, encouraging women who are pursuing careers in science, and supporting the commitment of women who are already working in the sciences. (Office of Research on Womens Health)

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