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State of Art Screening Techniques Identify a Novel Compound That Inhibits Poxviruses From Replicating Link to external Web site
January 3, 2012 • Boston University

To Discover Potential Drugs, Chemists Develop Way to Remodel Natural Products Link to external Web site
October 24, 2011 • Boston University

Technique Allows Efficient Production of Chemical Motif Found in Natural Molecules Link to external Web site
May 24, 2010 • Scripps Research Institute

New Method Produces "Libraries" of Important Carbohydrate Molecules Link to external Web site
May 23, 2010 • University of Georgia

New Hepatitis C Inhibitors Link to external Web site
December 16, 2009 • The Scripps Research Institute

NIGMS-supported scientists have described their discovery of several novel drug-like inhibitors of the hepatitis C virus.

Researchers Detail New Class of Catalysts Link to external Web site
November 16, 2008 • Boston College

A new class of exceptionally effective catalysts that promote the powerful olefin metathesis reaction has been discovered by a team of NIGMS-supported scientists. 

New $11 Million Center to Speed Production of New Compounds for Drug Discovery Link to external Web site
October 20, 2008 • University of Chicago

With support from NIGMS, scientists from three Chicago-area universities have joined forces to develop new ways of building chemical libraries that will help identify compounds for drug development and basic biomedical research. 

NIGMS Pledges Over $48 Million to Create Chemical Techniques and Libraries
October 1, 2008 • National Institute of General Medical Sciences

NIGMS pledges over $48 million over 5 years to support five Centers of Excellence in Chemical Methodologies and Library Development (CMLD).

A Light Bulb and New Reactions Link to external Web site
September 4, 2008 • Princeton University

NIGMS-funded chemists are using light bulbs to propel organic chemical reactions that are efficient, versatile, and environmentally benign.

Chemists Use 'Green Chemistry' to Produce Widely Used Compound Link to external Web site
June 12, 2008 • University of California, Riverside

NIGMS-supported chemists have discovered an inexpensive, clean and quick way to prepare amines, compounds that are used widely in industry.

Computational Tool Predicts How Drugs Work In Cells
March 8, 2005 • Boston University

The ability to select and develop medicines that act on specific cellular targets has just gained a computational ally — a mathematical algorithm developed by NIGMS-supported researchers that predicts the precise effects a given compound will have on a cell’s molecular components or chemical processes.

BU Chemists Debut Online Resource for Researchers Seeking to Build New Bioactive Compounds Link to external Web site
June 9, 2004 • Boston University

NIGMS Chemistry Center Grants To Expand Drug Discovery Toolkit
October 1, 2003 • National Institute of General Medical Sciences

NIGMS Center Grants Will Spice Up Chemical Libraries
October 10, 2002 • National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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