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bullet Public Health Ethics

bullet Public Health Ethics – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is concerned with public health ethics as a field of study and as a field of practice. As a field of study, public health ethics seeks to understand and clarify principles and values that guide public health actions. Because public health actions are often undertaken by governments and are directed at the population level, the principles and values which guide public health can differ from those which guide actions in biology and clinical medicine (bioethics and medical ethics) which are more patient or individual-centered.  CDC has two public health ethics committees: one guides agency operations and the other is a subcommittee of the Director’s Advisory Committee.

bullet Ethics and Public Health Model Curriculum (2003) – This project, by the Association of Schools of Public Health, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and The Hastings Center, is intended as a resource to enhance and encourage discussions of ethical issues in the field of public health. Each topical module presents an issue essay, fact sheet, case study, case analysis, tools for assessment, and a reading list.

bullet Ethical Guidelines in Pandemic Influenza (2007) – This CDC site provides guidance for ethical decision making for pandemic influenza. 

bullet Consultation on Ethics and Equitable Access to Treatment and Care for HIV/AIDS (2004) – A summary of a WHO meeting produced this document on ethical guidance on anti-retroviral  treatment for AIDS. Another WHO document on treatment guidance for HIV/AIDS was published the same year  Guidance on Ethics and Equitable Access to HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care

bullet American J. of Public Health Collections: Ethics – Public health ethics articles published in the Journal in recent years. Link to abstracts free of charge.

bullet An Ethics Framework for Public Health (2001) – An article by Nancy Kass that reviews the history of contemporary bioethics and presents a framework for public health interventions, policy, research and programs.

bullet Public Health Ethics – This University of Washington School of Medicine site offers case studies in public health ethics as a teaching tool for physicians and medical students.

bullet The Virtual Library - Public Health – This University of New South Wales, Australia site organizes information by geography and by topic.  It links to data resources and to policies, reports, and selected articles.

bullet Ethical Issues in Epidemiological Research and Public Health Practice (2006) – This article by Steven S. Coughlin provides an overview of ethical issues in epidemiologic research and public health. It highlights topics in public health ethics and posits that attention to ethical issues can facilitate the planning, implementation, and growth of public health programs and research activities.

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