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Vol. LIX, No. 23
November 16, 2007

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We don’t have all the answers, but we may know who does. Curious about an NIH matter? Click on the Feedback icon at and we’ll try to track down the info.

Feedback: Why are only two guards inspecting cars at the Natcher vehicle inspection area this week (Oct. 15), instead of the usual four? It now takes twice as long to get through.

Response from ORS: Prior to the guard reductions, there were three, not four, guards assigned to the MLP-7 (Natcher) vehicle inspection. Due to the FY 2008 budget reductions, we were forced to reduce the staffing at that location by one guard. There are now two guards stationed during operating hours at that inspection station. We apologize to our customers if the reductions increase wait-times but it was necessary to meet the decrease in funding for the guard contract.

Feedback: What is the status of the Valve Vault 22 Cold Water Pipe Installation project at the east side of Bldg. 12? The project placard states that construction would last 3 months, ending in August 2006. This is now October 2007! Why is there such a long delay? If the project cannot be completed in a timely fashion, they should close up the huge hole and re-landscape as there has been considerable erosion and run-off caused by the continued lack of plant material on the construction site.

Response from the Division of Property Management, ORF: The project is currently tied up in contracting issues, including securing additional funding to finish the project. The process has gone through several bidding cycles in an attempt to receive a more competitive price to finish the work. The project officer has a meeting next week (Oct. 22) with the bidders to clarify their bids. The project officer hopes to re-start the project before the end of the year.

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