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Vol. LIX, No. 25
December 14, 2007

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Have a question about some aspect of working at NIH? You can post anonymous queries at (click on the Feedback icon) and we’ll try to provide answers.

Feedback: Why did the NIH stop allowing dogs to come on campus? The NNMC campus allows dogs, but NIH stopped allowing them on campus. Is this an official NIH policy, and if so, why?

Response from the Office of Research Services: We did not “stop” allowing dogs onto campus. Technically, they have never been allowed on campus except for assisting handicapped individuals or for research purposes. It was just too hard to enforce in the past without the fence. This is not an NIH policy but a federal regulation. Under Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Subpart C, Section 3.42(b), “A person may not bring on the enclave any cat, dog or other animal except for authorized purposes. This prohibition does not apply to domestic pets at living quarters or to the exercise of these pets under leash or other appropriate restraints. The use of a dog by a handicapped person to assist that person is authorized.”

Feedback: Just wondering why the Bldg. 31 escalator [connecting the first floor with the B2 level of the B-wing] is still not working? It has been out of service for some time.

Response from the Office of Research Facilities: Capital Elevator was to start repair work on or about Dec. 10. They estimate the work will take 3 months.

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