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Pandemic Awareness

Are there currently any flu outbreaks? What is being done to track them?  This section will educate you on pandemics and the current flu situation in the United States and abroad.

A mail carrier wears a mask to cover his mouth

About Pandemics

Learn what a pandemic is and how it relates to the seasonal flu. Read about the unique characteristics and the challenges in addressing a flu pandemic.

A U.S. map includes the text 'Current United States Flu Activity Map'

Current Situation

View the current flu threat levels in the United States and around the world using an interactive map that tracks visits to health care providers for flu-like symptoms.

A world map includes the text

Global Activities

Get information on international flu monitoring, coordination, and reference material to help prepare for a flu pandemic.

A scientist in a laboratory

Research Activities

Learn about research into the flu virus, vaccines, prediction/modeling, and more. Read about the latest scientific advances in fighting the flu.

Nurses tend to sick patients in a hospital during the 1918 flu pandemic


Read about the history of flu pandemics dating back to 1918 and historical accounts from medical professionals and people affected by flu pandemics throughout history.